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Dialogues on Biodiversity: defining the Brazilian strategy for 2020

05 October 2012 | Article
Various sectors of Brazilian society to collectively identify the best means and practices to draw us closer to the Vision of the Future for 2050 set out in the COP-10 2011-2020 Strategic Plan.
The initiative ‘Dialogues on Biodiversity: defining the Brazilian strategy for 2020’ brought together the various sectors of the Brazilian society to discuss and suggest biodiversity targets for 2020 in the framework of the CBD’s 10th Conference of the Parties held in Nagoya, Japan (COP-10).

Twelve national events were held with the private sector, various spheres of government, the academic sector, civil society, local communities and indigenous peoples from April 2011 to May 2012, resulting in a large set of documents. Over 280 institutions and400 people took part in the process. A virtual public consultation was also conducted expanding the participation of society at large.

It was the largest public consultation for the construction of national targets that any country has ever run.

The challenge of implementation has now to be faced and an Action Plan is currently being developed and theBrazilian Biodiversity Panel –PainelBio is being set up.

Institutions involved: MInistry of the Environment, IUCN, WWF-Brazil and IPE.

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