jueves, 10 de enero de 2013

The Power Grid of the Future to be Demonstrated on the Island of Fur

The Innovation Fur development project recently received a DKK 4.5 million grant from the Danish Energy Agency. The grant is to be used for demonstrating the power grid of the future, the Smart Grid, on the island over the next three years

Innovation Fur has already received EU funding for a large-scale Smart Grid project, and the ForskEL grant from the Energy Agency, which will result in unique information on the behaviour and consumption of power customers, means further support for this work.

– Specifically, the money will be used as subsidies for solar cells and geothermal plants for the citizens of the island, Fur in return for their participation in a Smart Grid study. The grant makes it possible to provide a subsidy of up to 80 per cent on these products, making it very attractive indeed for individual citizens to participate, says EnergiMidt project manager Steffen Damm Hansen.

Demonstrating the power consumption of the future
What is unique about this project is that it will allow a practical demonstration of how the power grid of the future will function.

– By looking at how a group of homes with renewable sources of energy impact the power grid, we will be able to see how to develop software that regulates consumption in the smartest possible way. In other words, we'll be able to demonstrate the power consumption of the future in practice, says Steffen Damm Hansen.

Facing challenges
The power grid of the future must be able to accommodate more energy from renewable sources, and since no one knows when the wind blows, and when the sun shines, the amounts of energy in the grid will also vary widely. This is a challenge that demands more intelligent control of our power consumption, and that is the essence of the Smart Grid.

Private-public partnership 
Innovation Fur is a private-public partnership between the island of Fur,Skive municipality and EnergiMidt. The vision is to create a miniature model of the sustainable welfare society of the future:

– Another of our ambitions with Innovation Fur is that is must be innovative. We have set the bar quite high, and with the Smart Grid project we may reach our targets. If you want to know anything about the sustainable society of the future, well, take a look at Fur, says Innovation Fur project manager Gitte Wad Thybo.

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