viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2012

Top 10 green energy bright spots of 2012

From wind turbines to the US great green fleet, here are the top green energy stories of the year
Biofuel US Navy Great Green Fleet with Navy Secretary Ray Mabus
US Navy defends 'great green fleet' from Republican attacks. Photograph: MC3 Sam Shavers/US NAVY//AP

155MW plant being developed by a British company is expected to create hundreds of jobs, increase electricity capacity and cut emissions

About 90% of the £1.5bn spent constructing the London Array, a huge windfarm off the coast of Kent, has gone to foreign firms

Company behind the £5bn proposals hopes to build more than 700 turbines and transport power in cables beneath Irish Sea

Navy secretary and Obama administration move to head off spending bill that would effectively shut down biofuels project

More than two-thirds of people would rather have a wind turbine than a shale gas well near their home

Community of 20,000 expected to met 85% of its electricity needs by next year

World's biggest oil producer says it wants to make a 100% switch from fossil fuels to clean energy

Scheme with enough capacity to power 40% of Scottish households has been submitted for planning permission

Cornwall's Atlantic coast and the west coast of Scotland came top in a report which maps sites with the most promise

But installing enough wind turbines to power the world may not be practical or even feasible, says author of new report

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