miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

Semco Maritime set to Expand Offshore Wind Operations

As the offshore wind market in the North Sea region grows, Semco Maritime aims to be ever more present in the market.

Having participated in several successful offshore wind substation projects, Semco Maritime aims to gain new ground in the offshore wind market. Semco Maritime has many, experienced employees doing repairs and upgrades on rigs. By utilising core competences and our more than 30 years’ experience from the offshore oil and gas market we will focus on delivering service and maintenance to offshore wind operators.

- “It is natural for us to go further in the offshore wind market. From our experience in offshore oil and gas and our work on substations we have the knowledge and the capacity to become an even bigger player in this market” says Carsten Nielsen, Vice President at Semco Maritime.

Strategic goal
“Semco Maritime aims to triple the revenue from offshore wind projects over the next four years. From being a more or less casual player in this market the company is now moving ahead with a growth strategy in this market”. 

- “We have been present in this market for 10 years now, and we feel very confident about our potential as we move forward. At the moment substations represent the bulk of our contribution to the offshore wind market, but engineering, service and maintenance will become important as we move forward” Carsten Nielsen points out.

To reach this goal Semco Maritime will invest time and capital in a wide range of areas. The company will need to recruit even more skilled employees in order to keep offering an effective and competitive service package. For some years the bulk of the offshore wind projects have taken place in Denmark, UK and Germany. But as the market in the North Sea Region continues to expand, we want to follow our key clients and be a part of new wind farms planned in new countries like France
and Belgium.

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