martes, 4 de septiembre de 2012

Web chat: WWF and Traffic on the illegal wildlife trade

Post your questions for Heather Sohl and Richard Thomas on the illegal trade in wildlife, from rhino horn to rare newts
Seized ivory goes up in smoke in Gabon
Seized ivory goes up in smoke in Gabon, in a ceremony to symbolise Gabon's commitment to ending poaching and other wildlife crimes. Photograph: James Morgan/WWF-CANON VIA AP IMAGES
We're joined on Tuesday as part of our 'sixth extinction' special series byWWF's senior species policy officer Heather Sohl and global communications co-ordinator Richard Thomas at the NGO Traffic to answer your questions on the illegal wildlife trade.

As our series explores on Tuesday, the illegal trade in everything from rhino horn and ivory to pangolins and rare amphibians is driving many species close to extinction. To combat the practise, which Interpol has called on governments to crack down on, WWF and TRAFFIC recently launched a campaign to stop the criminal trade that sees live animals transported in suitcases and rhinoceros massacred with AK47s.

Sohl and Thomas will be online 1-2pm BST on Tuesday to answer your questions on everything about the illegal wildlife trade. Want to know about the worst cases they've encountered? What's driving the recent surge in poaching in countries such as South Africa? Interested in the role of the internet?

Just post your question below. Please note anything off-topic will be removed.

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