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Ramboll and Lynettefællesskabet Win Award For Sustainable Lighting Design

Sustainable lighting design at Copenhagen sludge incineration plant wins prestigious award.

The annual lighting award from the Danish Lighting Center was this year given to Ramboll lighting experts for the environmentally friendly and architecturally beautiful illumination of Lynetten – the Copenhagen sludge incineration plant.

Lynetten is a new landmark
The lighting design highlights the building’s architectural character by illuminating five silos with orange and red colours that flow from the inside to the outside of the building. It also illuminates the chimney with a lunar-white light so that it appears as a vertical element in the surrounding space. At the same time, the lighting design is environmentally friendly. 

When making the award, the jury commented, “The lighting design of the silo building is an outstanding example of how an innovative contractor and a skilled lighting designer can transform an industrial site into a new landmark after dark with simple tools.”

Design reflects sustainability
“Lynetten is the world’s most environmentally friendly sludge treatment plants – and we wished to reflect that in the lighting design. In order to meet the customer’s desire for an energy efficient and sustainable solution, we turned off the original fluorescent light and only used LED-lighting. Today, Lynetten has an annual energy consumption equivalent to that of a small detached house,” said Lighting Designer at Ramboll, Vladan Paunovic. 

Award-winning lighting department
The newly received award is the third award in a row to be won by Ramboll’s Lighting department during the past six months. In September 2012, Ramboll won the “Svenska Ljuspriset 2012” for creating an urban space in Gothenburg with focus on safety, functionality and innovation. Ramboll also recently won an international award in Colombia for an innovative Lighting Design in Stavanger’s historic centre.

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